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Imma click on API i dont find the one i am looking for SO

We can put music while streaming and we get no copyright(red part after reviewing a broadcast) UNLESS if we record the stream BUT can we live stream and record the music but letting in the description that we do not own the music will that make a difference?

Because i’d save more often my stream and add more often my music if we could listen to it but if we get copyright then :frowning:

I do understand the copyright thing totally but…

Hope that’s clear enough

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may be a better fit - but that aside:

  1. You do not own the rights to rebroadcast the music. That right rests with the copyright owner.

  2. “Unauthorized distribution or exhibition violates federal laws…” is what is normally stated on media, such as when I look at the back of a Blu-Ray box. Broadcasting on Twitch violates that.

  3. You could talk to Twitch Legal and see if getting an ASCAP license ( would allow you to stream music. The license fees are not cheap.

I imagine that Twitch does not have the ability to scan a live stream to check for copyright infringement but has software that does so on the recordings. That is why the recordings are flagged and muted.

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