SOLVED: Getting list of top streams by viewer count

Hey guys, I’m trying to get a list of the top streams by views, not games. It seems like right now the api only supports /games/top and then breaking down into the game channel by most views. To clarify, I want the stream with the highest viewer count without regards to game organization. I didn’t figure out a way to do this but I wanted to double check if anyone else had solved this problem. Thanks!

Right, but if you perform a raw query to /streams this is the response:

{u’_links’: {u’featured’: u’’,
u’followed’: u’’,
u’next’: u’’’’&limit=25
u’self’: u’’’’&limit=25
u’summary’: u’’},
u’_total’: 0,
u’streams’: []}

It’s just the json object of the streams api.

Basically I am just asking how to query /directory/all through the api.

Alright just to clear this up for anyone else who runs into this, my problem was that I was passing along client_id as a param to the streams api endpoint. The endpoint still uses the client_id but instead of it’s normal function of preventing rate limiting, it limits your search of streams to the client_id provided.


GET /streams
client_id should NOT be passed along as a param

Thanks and sorry about the confusion

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