Some questions about twitch bots

Hello everyone, I am very new to this dev site and to scripting a twitch bot. I have a few questions on how to make a command that will allow my bot to join a channel.

I want a command (!join for example) that will cause the bot to connect to the channel of the user who sent that command.

User Joins Channel >> User types “!join” >> My bot joins their channel

I can get the script to join a specific channel when someone types !join but not the channel of the person who executed the command. I am using mIRC.

You can use $nick to represent the nickname of the user that executed the command. It’s been a long time since I used mIRC, but you could do something like this.

on *:TEXT:!join:#: {
  msg $chan .join # $+ $nick
  msg $chan Joined $nick $+ 's channel!
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on ^*:text:!join:#:{
  join $+($chr(35),$nick)
  msg $chan Joined $+($nick,'s) channel!