Sort clips by language for endpoint?

Hey got the api working and returning top clips for different games, I’m trying to figure out a way to get clips on for a specific language like Spanish or Korean.

I’m using this url for the req:${gameOrStreamerId}&started_at=${startby}&ended_at=${endby}&first=20

I don’t see a param for language for clips, it looks it returns language but can’t be sorted by that in the call. Is there any work around I could do or am I missing a param like “language=ko”?

The only solution I can think of is receiving as many clips as i can and sorting by the language param with a filter method. This seems clunky. Maybe it is not possible, any insights would helpful tho!

As the docs show, there is no language param so if you want to sort clips by language you will need to paginate through the results and perform any sorting/filtering yourself on your end.

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Makes sense, I was hoping there was something cleaner. I’ll give the api’s pagination a chance. I’m worried a specific language may be underrepresented depending on the number of results the clip api call returns

I gotta look into max clip results. Thanks for the help

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