Suggested terms of service...?

Apologies up front if this isn’t the right place for this question. The other categories didn’t seem appropriate so I’m here.

Are there recommended terms of service for applications using the Twitch API to pull in video and chat? I’m not asking for verbatim ToS but rather a starting point other than the standard ToS on the website. If that’s the basis that’s fine too, but I wanted to get the question out there.

Thank you!


You want

Sorry, I should have been clearer in my message. I’m actually referring to ToS we can use on our app relative to Twitch since Twitch content will be available. In other words, you come to our site, you can watch Twitch streams, and we have a ToS for you the viewer. Appreciate the response though!

Most of us here are developers, not legal professionals, so when dealing with ToS or any agreements you want your app users to agree to then my advice for a starting point would be to consult with someone who is a legal professional.


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