Support for joining multiple organizations is now available

Twitch developers can now be members of multiple organizations within the developer console, enabling you to manage your integrations with several different teams at once. Multiple organization membership can make workflows across teams easier, including:

Shared publisher and developer collaboration
Game developers can allow publishers to provide marketing assets and other materials to make sure their Extension is ready for prime time!

Employing a third-party developer or agency to assist with development
Users that want to manage Extensions but need development support can invite third parties to assist them with their Extension’s lifecycle.

Multiple teams within a studio can manage resources together
If you are a large developer with several studios managing several games, each studio can have its own organization but members can switch from org to org to easily manage information amongst them.

To create an organization, you can do so on the developer console. If you are already a member of an organization, use the Manage Organizations page to create a second organization. You can join up to 100 organizations with any role assignment – squad up to your heart’s content!

Please reply to this post with any questions or feedback. Happy building!