Testing bits in extensions Rig/Site

Its not posible testing that on RIG? if not is possible how to test if im not a partner of twitch?

In the rig you will need to use the setUseLoopBack function

For testing on the main website: this post covers possible bits testing scenarios

How to get Bits for testing?

You buy them from Twitch.

Testing will not consume the bits but your wallet needs to have enough bits to cover the cost

But Im developer and i dont want buy bits for my develop. NOt exist bits for test?

There isn’t a “pool” of developer bits as any bits in wallets are “real bits”

If you want to test but have nothing in your wallet then use the rig and the loopback test function

Off hand I don’t remember if setUseLoopBack skips the “do I have enough bits” check

I have tried to show the sale of bits on rig but it never shows, it only appears in a partner type channel with the possibility of buying bits.

I could specify how it would be possible to show that window in rig and simulate a purchase with them.

Thank you

call setUseLoopBack to enable test mode in the rig

The rig cannot show the dialog you refer to as there is not “twitch user”

So the test function skips the dialogs and jumps straigh to “bits transaction complete”

Okey, Im using setUseLoopBack ON RIG but when i use bits this function

  const twitchSku = this.selectedSkill.key;

return me

  1. Request URL:https://api.twitch.tv/v5/bits/extensions/is-eligible/XXXXX
  2. Request Method:POST
  3. Status Code:401

the documentation dont explain anything

This suggests you didn’t setUseLoopBack correctly. Since it shouldn’t make that call as setUseLoopBack should prevent the call you have logged.

So you are doing a


Somewhere before calling useBits?

OK thanks its working!

The problem is: helixToken Thats is only available when i installed estxension not in RIG…

Exist any posibility to get this value using RIG?

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