The final answer on JOIN limits


I only found vague informations in this topic: Join rate limits on AWS servers

Can we have an actual documentation on these limits?

  • Is it still 50 JOINs per 15 seconds? Is it a 15 seconds sliding window? Is it per connection, per server or global?
  • What counts? Only JOIN commands? PART commands too? Does establishing a connection (or any associated commands like NICK, PASS, etc) count?
  • Is it a limit per commands received by the IRC server/network, or per reponse sent by the server? I mean, does a JOIN command with 40 parameters (a comma-separated list of 40 channels) count as one or 40 JOINs?


  • Yes, that is still the case. Per IP, I believe 15 second buckets.
  • JOIN and PASS are counted IIRC
  • 40 JOINs sent in one command would be counted as 40 individual joins as far as the rate limit is concerned.

So from my understanding this means we have to do rate limiting on the connecting to channels in an irc client to ensure we get all of our joins in?

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