Join rate limits on AWS servers

Does anyone know how the join rate limits work on the new AWS servers, cause to me it seems they are different now.

I think previously the limit was 50 joins every 15 secs (and maybe per server or connection?) but now they seem to be a lot higher (but maybe now global instead of per server)?

Just had a weird thing in my logs where after a internet drop everything tried to reconnect and rejoin at once and seems to have ended up in some endless loop of connections getting killed :smiley:

Limits have always been global per chat cluster, not per server. The limits have not changed as a result of moving to AWS as far as I’ve been made aware.


The limits definitely seem to have changed, I just tried with a 100 joins in 15 secs without getting kicked. But with just trying around and testing I couldn’t get a solid number, cause if you have multiple connections it doesn’t really seem to scale linearly.

Not really a big deal in general, I just tend to have a lot of separate instances running so I just set the limit for each to actualLimit/instanceCount, so after internet drops rejoining takes forever for me. Obviously just bad design on my part, was just wondering what the new max number is I can hardcode.


We have not made any changes to the limits. Please note that joining over the limit doesn’t kick you, it will just fail the join.

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