Thumbnails loading slowly


I have a problem, My thumbnails loading slowly.

Also get 304 status on all thumbnails.

Can i use helix and kraken when im using twitch API? Maybe it should be the issue here.

Your screenshot suggests you have some sort of image proxy that is fetching the images.

The problem is with that proxy.

Since your image URL to a thumbnail starts image?url= So you have a proxy in the way.

And said proxy seems to be converting to webp instead of using jpg which is what Twitch has the images as on the CDN. So you seem to also be converting the image from jpg to webp which would introduce a delay

304 = Not Modified, so the image should be loaded from the browser cache. not the server.

Not sure what you are asking

Kraken is deprecated for removal in February.

And both kraken and helix have nothing to do with Thumbnails. Other than saying “the thumbnail for a stream is at URL x” and both return the same URL.

They have no bearing on the thumbnail CDN.


btw, You mention "Kraken is deprecated for removal in February.

When are you going to change all the api urls on Videos Reference | Twitch Developers

i see alot of “kraken” in the urls there, I think you mean we can’t use api urls with kraken anymore, I don’t see any links of “helix” there.


or the migration guide

As noted in the banner at the top of the page you linked

The page you linked is a V5/kraken guide, so the page linked will cease to exist when v5 is gone

For videos specifically

ok makes sense

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