Transferring ownership of a Twitch application

Hi all!
I’ve opened a support ticket and was directed here for better support, I hope this is the right place for this.

I had an account on Twitch, created a couple of applications (one for production needs, one for development), and got everything working like I wanted.
A year or so has passed, and the user got banned, being flagged as an un-authorized bot.

I opened a second account, and submitted a request to be verified as a bot, including in the request information regarding the banned user. Thankfully, the request was granted, and I now have a verified bot :tada:

Now to the bad part. I cannot access the old applications. It hasn’t happened yet, but I assume I will need to change things there in the future. How can I transfer the ownership of these apps to the new account? Who do I need to contact with the relevant information for this to happen?

Just create a new application and use that

if the keys (ClientID/secret) belong to the banned user, I’d of expected the keys to no longer work at all.

That’s the odd thing, the keys still work! I can use the secret to create new access tokens and use them.
I have a few clients that logged in to my app via twitch, and I’d hate for them to have to do that again…

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