Trouble displaying emoticons

In recent days, the display of emoticons on the Chats have some problems.

As soon as an emoji is used in the text, the Twitch emoticons (Eg: Kappa Keepo) no longer appear and gives way to the emoticon text.

⭐️ NEW SUB Keepo TEST (+1) Kappa

Do not display emoticons.

NEW SUB Keepo TEST (+1) Kappa

Displays well emoticons.

The solution could be to stop using “emoji’s,” but we use it as ilustration in many of our texts (Default for our users).

Probably better off raising this to @TwitchSupport on Twitter rather than the Third party developers forum.

More likely to get seen…

Also, if you are using BTTV/FFZ might be a issue with them instead

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It’s already done for @TwitchSupport (no answer for the moment).

For that side, no use of third party plugins during our tests.

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