Trouble finding all mods of a chat

Hey guys, I am having trouble doing the ‘/mods’ command with pIRCbot, I have looked at both pIRCbot javadocs and this, but I can’t seem to find how I can get a list of mods. Thanks!

Requesting /mods:

Pircbot.sendMessage("#channelname", ".mods");

Response will be received as a NOTICE so you will need to override onNotice if you are not already doing so.

(Note: Removing / (slash) with . (period) in command is recommended practice when using Twitch IRC but either should still work)

Hmm, I thought that I had to send “.mods”, but I didn’t know I had to override onNotice. But, I have done both and debugged it, it never reaches onNotice, thoughts?

Also make sure you are requesting the capability to enable notice responses. This should be sent once after you’ve connected to the server.

Pircbot.sendRawLine("CAP REQ");
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Awesome thanks ill try that when I get a chance!

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