Trying to find out who follows a user Because there is An error loading the Follow list

I’m trying to find out who follows a user but there is an error Loading the following list and I’m wondering if there is a workaround for this kind of thing. If you could explain to me how to do this as if I were a child that would be helpful as well

Assuming you are calling the “Get user follows” API

As documented:

Whats the issue you are having?

I was looking at this information before I just don’t know how to interpret it or use this information

The API is intended to be used by programmers, whom have a preferred language to program in.

They then would make calls to this API to load the information and process it and loop as needed thru the additional pages.

So, you just need to be able to perform cURL requests in your chosen language of choice

I’m in no way a developer and it would probably take me years to understand the API so I guess it would be easier if someone could help me with this. Would you be able to find out who follows a user if I give you the information. I would post the users name but if emails aren’t allowed I wouldn’t assume I should post that type of information either.Although follower lists is public information on twitch but for this particular channel it’s pulling up in error and I don’t know how to deal with that

Whats the error? And on what page (you can paste the URL)

It just says Error loading follower list

Loads fine here. They have 3 followers

if you are having a issue with the Twitch website, try relogging on twitch and/or clearing your caches

Thank you for your help it means a lot

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