Twitch all streamers and their last events and chat

I am developing an application using Twitch Api. I want to allow logged in user to set their favourite streamer and get all last events, chats and embedded stream of that streamer. Which Twitch Api should i use in order to achieve this. Can anybody give me steps to implement twitch API for this ?

If by events you mean subscribers, bits, follows, etc that can be obtained from the API, follows is public, but subscribers is privileged data and you will need a key from the streamer(s) to obtain that data. And probably doesn’t actually make sense to your application. So depends what you mean by events?

Embedding is documented here:

@BarryCarlyon Can you please tell which API should i use to get all streamers ? I want to show all Twitch streamers to my user and let him to select Twitch streamers as favourite. I am using Laravel.

That’s impossible. Every user signed up to the site is a streamer (or possible streamer). Which makes it an unsolvable problem

Now if you want to get all currently live streamers

or if you wanted to get the currently logged in users follows (assuming you used oAuth to login)

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