Twitch api 2 questions

May i know a reason why “_total” for streams was moved to the bottom and second where i can read about this kind “updates”

We don’t guarantee ordering of keys, as it shouldn’t matter in a JSON mapping. If moving a key breaks your application, I’d love to know why so we can determine if guaranteeing order is something we should be concerned about.

Likewise we don’t announce changes that don’t modify the request or response of an endpoint in a meaningful way.

thanks for answer. Yea, broke, but thats was my fault. I made own parser and just read first value for first ‘:’ :P. Workded for 3 months… already updated so no problem.

btw will be possible add to twitch api program used for streaming and bitrate also good will be value for stream uptime (right now is stream start time)? Right now im using two api: justin and twitch for get this screenshot

You can pull information from Bitrate and uptime can be seen respectively at video_bitrate and up_time.
Please note that this endpoint has not yet been moved to kraken and is therefor subject to change without documentation. There is also no documentation on this endpoint since it is not on kraken.
Also note that this endpoint can also be served as xml instead of json by GETting from

Bufutda im already using API, im using both at once unfortunelty. With “up_time” i had little problems cause justin tv dont use common date time format. Someone from stackoverflow helped me with parsing it today :slight_smile:

finally i finish get uptime from api. It was so painful and so much work (no utc time and no common date format) -.-