Twitch Api is bugged or just unreliable

Hello all,

I have been collecting data from twitch api and it seemed that at time twitch api had some bugs, problems. For example sometimes a streamer I know online won’t be included in the api. This was big problem but at least it was happening rarely.

Until 2 days ago, it seems this was the only problem. Now, I see a bigger problem. For some streamers the data I get from the API is completely wrong. The games they were suppose to be playing is different and it happens a lot.

I am not sure If I can post a link here but here goes;

We all know Riotgames, they play/stream LoL only and until 2 days a go the data was correct but now it shows as ritgames playing different games. The weird thing is the title is correct as you can see below but the games are all random.

This is not isolated. Another example is another very famous streamer nl_kripp.

Kripp only plays HS and now the list show other games similar to riotgames, just random games and the title is actually correct.

There are other examples.

Is this a recent bug or change or something terrible terrible wrong with the API ??

Thanks for the help.

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