Twitch API max number of channel

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask how many channels can be queried at once using GET /streams. It says that channel |optional | string | Streams from a comma separated list of channels. but I don’t see a maximum number of channel that can be queried.

Here it says

Maximum number of objects in array. Default is 25. Maximum is 100.

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Sorry for bugging again, so that means, I can do this right?
GET,monstercat,chan3,esl_lol,esl_dota,+95 more channels

I’ve not used this endpoint much, but I believe so yes.

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Thnx for replying :smiley:. I will give this a try.

Give it a try and if you have any problems, just tag me and I’ll try to help you. :slight_smile:

Also I would recommend you to move this to the API category as it belongs there.

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