List of all channels by game's name

How i can get whole list of channels by game’s name without duplicate??
I tried to take list of channels with max limit (100) changing offset value (with “/search/channels/…”) but seems that requests return duplicate values.

example request:

first request url:

second request url:



Instead of using the search endpoint, use the streams endpoint:

Thanks for reply, i tried to use streams endpoint but duplicate values persists when i try get more than 100 streams, furthermore not all streams are returned.

I tried to search streams by game with “League of legends”.

Example url:




Can someone help me??
Maybe i get duplicate entries because i perform multiple requests over time and to every request the streams change, is possible?

You cannot reliably get all streams due to caching and how streams can change their position while you’re making requests with different offsets.

Ok thanks dude, as i supposed.

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