Twitch chat wont load in webbrowser control

Here is a of what is going on
Flash loads fine on all other sites like youtube and other so its not flash. My OS is windows 8.1 IE 11 and I have tested this on windows 7 with IE 9 the same thing happens.
If anyone can help out here let me know. thanks

The flash chat plugin creates an irc socket connection to chat, and relays that back over a JavaScript interface. Unfortunately that’s being prevented in your embedded browser.

You might want to look into using with the Chrome’s Pepperflash plugin, as that’s the only way I’ve seen possible to get an embedded browser to work with Twitch chat. The reasoning is probably due to sandbox issues caused by it being an embedded framework, and Pepperflash is a native Chrome plugin (and as far as I know it has native hooks).

Unless Twitch switches to something other than flash, I am doubtful you’ll be able to get it to work without trouble.

We hope to explore this at some point. Supporting websockets being an obvious one, but there are some other ideas as well. No actual work is scheduled.

ill look in to that night and thanks. but what I don’t get is sometime it will load the chat and it works just takes some refreshing to get it to.

I have it working now thanks for the help. I used and and

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