Twitch developer Rig every Project name I try is taken

no matter what I name the project I can not get past step one it says any name i put in is already taken?

Check the dev console

And see if it was made anyway and it just errored in the rig

You can them import the project/extension to the rig instead

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Just here to say I had this issue too, and it was created anyway. Something’s wrong with the Rig (either locally or globally).

It’s likely due to the new CSP fields in the response and the rig hasn’t been updated

So the advice is to create your Extension on the dev console, then import it into the rig

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It did create it in the console like you said, and I had to set the version/extension type there. But…it did not create a manifest file, so I cannot import it into the Rig. Is there another way to create the manifest file?

When you import it to the rig the rig will generate the manifest from the console project settings

It should right? By import, you mean “Add Project” → “Create Project” right? Here’s my problem:

to quote myself

the extension you are trying to import has at least one version?

Yes, I had to go into the Developer Console and create the version, after getting the “Sorry this name is taken” error in the Dev Rig. Now I’m trying to create the project in the Dev Rig, selecting the extension from the dropdown list.

After creating the version in the console.

Mine imports into the rig as expected.

If it try to import on my Mac, I get a different error after clicking “Get Started”:

npm failed with exit code1:
npm WARN tarball tarball data for vm-browserify@ (sha512-XXXXXX…) seems to be corrupted.

I guess it’s a local issue.