Twitch Developer site launch

We’ve launched our new Twitch Developers website! We’ve created this to be the one-stop shop for learning about the Twitch platform. Over the coming months, we’ll be updating and adding functionality to the site. Let us know what you’d like to see on the site!

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Do the docs on this new site pull from github or have they been copied over?

Looks manual to some degree since it does not have some recent changes.

@3ventic Copied over. GitHub will be deprecated in the coming weeks.

@george Where do you see discrepancies? Interested because we used the exact MD files from GH to generate the site. :slight_smile:

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The one I noticed in particular was this commit from 12 days ago:

Like the look of the site so far!

In the Overview section, there is a blurb of text:

Bugs can be reported on our Github Issues.

That’ll probably want to be updated to point to the dev forums if Github is going to be deprecated in the near future :slight_smile:

Will definitely update that when we get there, @larklen. :slight_smile:

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On github we can see last latest commit date of each file and see what’s new.
Somewhere will be info about changes on this site?

update: found Developer mailing list

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