Twitch "Embed Everything" and "Chat" Embed Failing after an Implicit Oauth Login

Hi Twitch Developer forums!

I am currently developing an Electron app that uses Implicit OAuth for login and also contains an embedded “everything” twitch player as well as an independently embedded twitch chat.

In order to use the Twitch Embed inside of electron, I am following the steps shown here:

However, I have since implemented Twitch’s Implicit OAuth login flow to my app which is temporarily breaking my embedded twitch player as well as chat. Interestingly enough, after closing and opening the page multiple times (anywhere from 1-4 times), the twitch chat will eventually start working, followed shortly by the twitch player with me being auto logged in.

I have attached images to further describe this:

  1. I log in to Twitch via Implicit OAUTH

  2. I then enter a twitch stream after logging in:

  3. I exit this page and then re-enter it (still inside of my app):

  4. Now that chat is working, I re-enter one last time to fix the twitch player:

Does anybody know what could be causing this issue? Ideally I should go from step 1 to step 4, directly after logging in via Implicit OAuth. Also as a side note, does anybody know why the twitch embed seems to be grabbing information from my Implicit Oauth login? I feel like this may be a clue to how to fix the problem (i.e. something with Cookies?)

Thank you so much!

Small update on stuff,

I am looking for errors in my console and I found the following:

The error regarding twitch chat is:
[ERROR] [auth] Login nonce mismatch. Error: Login nonce mismatch.

And the error regarding the twtich player is this "net::ERR_ABORTED_404 seen at the bottom of the screenshot.

The requests for the twitch chat becomes:

And the request for the twitch player becomes:

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