Twitch Embed only with domain?

Hello guys,

im trying to embed twitch on my local website. Big problem here is that i cant juse a hostname as “ip”. So in my case i cant use custom domain names like “pi” or others i have already seen here. (The reason is the configuration i have to use to be able to serve the website, is not able to use these hostnames)

Is there a way to use the plain ip instead? Or do you have to use a domain as parent for the parent string?

Also Do i have to use SSL? Or can i use it?

I have following message:

Im sure the reason for that is, because i dont have a domain name in the connection string.
This is how my iframe looks like:

<iframe src=";parent=ip_address&amp;"

The guidelines are covered here

You can’t use an IP Address

localhost is supported for local development.

You can (probably) use a custom domain of “pi” but it’ll need to be served over SSL (those certs can be self signed however)

Okay. So i have following problem… actually using a host where i serve my website and a guest-(where i have my Windows) So my Pc is ubuntu and is using QEMU to emulate Windows. But i cant access localhost/ Any ideas on how i could do it?

Not sure. This isn’t a QEMU support forum.

Thanks for telling me. But hoped you might know something about that…or about this use CASE :slight_smile: Have a good one

yeah I don’t use QEMU and I’m not familair with it

Nor would I normally emulate windows on Ubuntu

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