Twitch iframe embed not working in my Chatroom

Hi !

Im having trouble embedding the player into my chatroom within my wordpress site. The iframe embed code works on my site but not in the associated chatroom.
My site has an SSL Certificate.

Here’s the code I’m using :

When I inspect the element the iframe is there and the link to my Twitch account works, but the player is not visible at the bottom of the left side column of my chatroom.

I’ve left a Twitch Test site open for you to view :

Any help and advice will be very much appreciated.



Your website doesn’t force SSL


The link you put in this forum post is to the Non SSL version of the website

Works fine if you visit it on instead of as you linked

So you need to make sure you force people to the SSL version of your website. Either with Apache/Nginx rules (recommened) or via meta refresh/client code

Hey Barry,

Wicked !

Thanks for your help and the quick reply.

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