Twitch IRC doesn't send NOTICEs or anything but PRIVMSG?

  1. I make my bot join my room.
  2. I type “test” as my account in my room.
  3. The bot sees this as a “PRIVMSG”, as expected. 100% working and logical so far.
  4. Now I enable slow mode in the chat room. It says “blabla enabled 120-second slow mode for this room.” in my browser, but the bot doesn’t get any kind of signal sent to it. No matter how long I wait.
  5. I again type “test123” and the bot immediately gets the PRIVMSG line logged.


I’ve sat with this problem all day, wasting hour after hour. At this point, I have no idea anymore what could possibly be wrong. It doesn’t make any sense. My bot displays anything the server sends back. It doesn’t filter out any kind of message. I’ve checked many times. I coded the thing, and everything works perfectly, including PING/PONG etc.

Did you enable TAGS and COMMANDS capabilities?

Generally Capability requests should be send, during AUTH before JOINing a room.

Example of Frames from the Twitch Front end connecting to chat

Ah… Turns out it only works if you send the CAP REQ commands after the USER/NICK. Maybe I read it wrong, but the IRCv3 specification seemed to specifically say that you must send the CAP REQ before that, which is why I did it yesterday when it wouldn’t work. It works now.

This is the page I read: Redirecting… The part that confused me, and still confuses me, is this:

Upon connecting to the IRC server, clients SHOULD send one of the following messages:

  • CAP LS [version] to discover the available capabilities on the server.
  • CAP REQ to blindly request a particular set of capabilities.

Following this, the client MUST send the standard NICK and USER IRC commands.

Sigh. I cheered too early. While what I said above did make the “slow mode” stuff work, it still doesn’t say anything whatsoever when the bot is banned or when the bot tries to speak when it is banned. Nothing. This in spite of the fact that it now sees the NOTICEs like:

blabla NOTICE #blabla :This room is now in slow mode. You may send messages every 120 seconds.

What could possibly be wrong at this point? Obviously, it receives NOTICEs now, but still none for bans or when trying to speak when banned. This is really making me frustrated…

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