Twitch.Player.getPlaybackStats() no more working

We have an embedded player displaying a live stream in a demo page and it was working for months until today. Last time we have try it was last week and everything was ok but today, it started returning null with Twitch.Player.getPlaybackStats(). With Chrome for Windows, I got the player video stats dialog fill up properly, but I got nothing under Firefox for Windows. The JS code seems to be ok, it’s really the stats object that is access by getPlaybackStats() seems to always be null.


Looking into this for you! I tested it locally and most things work except getPlaybackStats(). Are you seeing everything else work?

Yes, except for the case report, everything seems to work.

I wonder: any reason why the timecode is not exposed in live ? Like the


Could be really useful for us.

getPlaybackStats() is still broken; is there a plan to fix this?

@Azabu515 Our turn around times are generally more than 24 hours for fixes. I’ll keep you posted when it has been fixed! :slight_smile:

Following up. I’m mainly curious if there is a plan to fix this or not.

There is a plan to fix this, yes. The team has it on their list to fix by end of week. They’re busy with the HTML5 player beta, so I’ll keep you posted if the date changes! :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you. I noted that this data isn’t available at all in the HTML5 player-- will that be coming?

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