Angular app - retrieving stats about a specific game

I’m working on a web application where I want to use the Twitch api to display the stream (and some stats if possible) of a specific game from the past week.
Is it possible ?
Because right now I registered and I tried to send get request on postman but I am always having a bad request error.


Sounds like you have not given Postman a ClientID to use when making requests?

Check the body of the response postman is giving you for more information on what the request is failing

yes I’m a student so I’m pretty bad. I will try different test with my key. But can you confirm me that it’s possible to retrieve some stats (like the number of stream, views for a specific period) about a specific game and to display the videos ?

They are no real “historical” end points in the Twitch API, but you can collect some data in real time and use that to build a history.

You can have a read of the docs and figure out what you need to do based on what you are trying to achieve

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