Twitch-specific IRCv3 docs/spec?

I’m having trouble finding documentation or a specification for the Twitch-specific parts of the IRCv3 it uses, for example each of the metadata tags.

I only have found the relatively general info like these
which are great but they don’t cover everything, and I’m hoping not to need to reverse-engineer anything.

Here you go see the section titled


Yeah I saw that it has an example. I didn’t see anything there suggesting it is a specification of all the metadata tags. It’s better than nothing though.

That document, documents all the meta that Twitch will be sending.

Twitch is taking parts of the IRCv3 specification which allows you to create your own additional data, so the meta that will be sent is documented in that document.

There is no other meta that will be send on the Twitch IRC network, if that is what you are expecting.

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