Twitch status online/offline or similar

Is there anything similar to this for twitch? to see their live status or similar…

We do not provide official embeddable widgets, no. I don’t know if the community has made any either…

That actually sounds like a good idea, I might even do a small GitHub repo with some code bits and drop-in scripts for this kind of stuff.

The only limitation on subscription would be that the widget doesn’t know who you are, like when you are logged into your Gmail in Chrome. It would just have to take you to an auth and payment screen after, I figure.

That’s true. Follow or Subscribe buttons wouldn’t have any state. But there might still be some need for stuff like “live now, watch here” type widgets.

I agree. I’ve seen this on YouTube where a popup within a clip notified that the streamer is currently live - very helpful!

I saw on this site , he put on forum custom bbcode for twitch and hitbox using Anyone know how to do same thing what he did?

It looks like is a valid solution.
If you’re looking to integrate it with bbcode specifically, you will have to read up on how your forums software handles custom bbcode.

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