Twitch Webhook API not sending GET Subscription Confirmation

I am currently trying to setup the websocket stream within the new Twitch API, I have setup a HTTPS server in node js and I am trying to subscribe to the subscription events stream, I have provided the following as the JSON request

                      "hub.callback" : "",
                      "hub.mode" : "subscribe",
                      "hub.topic" : "",
                      "hub.lease_seconds": "864000"

This isnt my real IP this is just an example, I have portforwarded the port to my computer and have tested the conection from a non local device and it was successful, I have also used postman to test that POST’ing and GET’ing from the server are both working, which both result in a 200 reponse from my node js server. But when I send the subscription request to the Twitch API I get a 202 response but never recieve the GET reponse expected on the node server.

https is supposed to be to a domain name

Twitch won’t accept a callback that is not https, to a IP, and/or using a self signed certificate, for priviledged topics

So you need a real domain and a real certificate for this test.
The callback validation check fails to send to you because of the self signed cert

That will be the issue then, I was using a self signed certificate. Thanks for your help.

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