Unable to request membership

I am basically copying what this guy does https://github.com/nhempel/Simple-Python-Twitch-IRC-Bot/blob/master/simpleircbot.py

and it works for normal messages, both receiving and sending

also if I send the membership request it seems to be denied

I am sending self.con.send(bytes(‘CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership’,‘UTF-8’))

and receive :tmi:twitch.tv CAP *NAK :twitch.tv/MEMBERSHIPJOIN # adenylatcyclase

but it even that far it only works if I send the REQ before joining the channel, afterwards I don’t get an answer from the server

i am admin as it is my own channel.
but generally do I have to be to apply for membership?

I am very confused pls help


self.con.send(bytes(‘CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership\r\n’,‘UTF-8’))

Would seem that you omitted the line ending/terminator based on your receive response

ok it now Acknowlades my request

but upon testing I still don’t get any JOIN or PART messages

also how do I request the names list?

How many users in the channel? You won’t get any if it is over 1000.

NAMES is sent on join and cannot be manually requested.

the bot itself and a second account with which I join and leave several tiems and send test messages

the messages are instantly received but no part/join

Join/part are usually delayed/not instant and don’t work in channels over 1k chatters.

I don’t bother consuming them coz they are either unreliable, or I’m in a channel north of 1k viewers.

It’s not worth the (your) dev time faffing with it.

oh well just found this useful link here https://tmi.twitch.tv/group/user/USERNAMEHERE/chatters
which gives you the users logged into chat and works eve if theres over 1000 viewers

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Just a note that tmi is an unsupported/undocumented end point that could break or change at anytime

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