Understanding of bot connections

Hi there. I’m developing my twitch bot, and now I do not clearly understand should I manage connections for each channel JOIN or to have just one connection for the bot. Or have one connection for JOIN and PART, and several connections for example for small channels and a separate connection for big channels. Does it make sense or not?

A chat bot will be disconnected from Twitch Chat if the chat bot can’t keep up and the “message queue to send to the bot” gets too long.

So a small bot will manage fine on a single thread/connection, but you will likely need to add more connections over time if you need to spin out to send/recieve to a number of channels, but thats likely need the triple figure channel depending on a number of factors.

And how you spin out depends on what your bot does and how well it can keep up.

So grow till you have problems and then adjust from there to match your usage.

So I’m going to use my bot like Moobot or Nightbot where we have one bot (channel) for all channels. Then how limits for joinings, messages will be in this case. It has limits per connection or for account?

that gets fun :tm: its per channel for the most part

In general you shouldn’t get anywhere near the send limit.

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