Undocumented PubSub topics

According to the PubSub docs, there are only four topics that can be subscribed to

However, a (not very) quick glance at what the mobile app has access to, there’s about 19 of these on a production environment.

Is there a timeframe as to when documentation for these will become available?


You also assume that Twitch intends for this topics to be for third party use. Many of them are just for the main website to use and never to be intended for us to use.

TLDR: just because the topic exists, doesn’t mean it will become available to us officially

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Thanks, I’ve looked few a few posts in the past (a couple years) stating that some of these would have made it into helix. But I’m not going to really get my hopes up.

There’s only a few topics that are really useful here in a case that I don’t want to have to rely on a third party to handle channel alerts for streaming

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