Update Channel - Box art & Tags?

I was able to make my python script once I got the Oauth token. It works and I love it so much! (Its faster than when I update the stream information graphically from my dashboard. lol!) The things I am trying to figure out is how can I add my tags as well and the boxart? I assume the music & performing boxart would have just showed up if I put in the right name but it just showed my title, and game name. Is there any parameters I can use with Update channel that would update the tags and boxart as well?

Here is my python script

from twitch import TwitchClient

client = TwitchClient(client_id=‘izbr3e0woto5nlw13belle04zsrtvf’, oauth_token=‘fYOU DON"T NEED THATe’)

import requests
token = ‘xYOU DON"T NEED THATod’;
headers = {‘Authorization’:'OAuth ’ + token,‘Accept’:‘application/vnd.twitchtv.v3+json’, ‘Client-ID’:‘my_client_id’}

channel = ‘izbr3e0woto5nlw13belle04zsrtvf’
updateinfo = {‘channel[status]’ : ‘Nes Music all day! (MTVGM Radio)’,‘channel[game]’ : ‘Music & Performing Arts’,‘channel[delay]’ : ‘0’}

r = requests.put(‘https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/channels/masterjx9’, headers = headers, params = lmao).raise_for_status()

Tags are new, there’s not currently any endpoints for it yet, and when they do get added they will be for Helix, which is the new API, not v3 like you’re using which is deprecated and will be removed at some point in the future. Box art is not something you get to set, it is dependant on the game you’re listed as playing. Only the registered developers of those games get to upload box art.

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Thank you for your answer! The tags make sense and I will use Helix instead in the future.

As far the game boxart, that make sense as well but if that is the case I was hoping for “Music & Performance arts” box art to show up since it usually shows up when I search for it in the streamer dashboard. Maybe I didn’t type it exact right; or i’ll probably do a couple tests with different games and see if there boxart comes up if I type there name perfectly.

Thanks for the info and I believe that is about it! YAY! :):grinning::smiley:

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