Updated game title (updated on Giant Bomb)

Hello - I’m the developer of “Invisigun Reloaded”, formerly “Invisigun Heroes”. The game title has been updated on Giant Bomb, but the Twitch database needs to pull the update. Can I request this here? I’ve already updated the box art on Twitch. Thanks!


Bumping your topic doesn’t help.

Additionally you might not get an answer over the weekend as they are not “working days” and I believe Monday is labor day, so you are looking at Tuesday for an answer.

You could try opening a developer support ticket instead rather than on the third party developers forum.

The documentation here might be relevant:

Changes to other elements of your game’s presence on Twitch, including banner art or the name, must be submitted via a support request.

I can’t get a response anywhere - this thread, a week old support ticket, or @twitchsupport on Twitter. Are there any other ways to actually talk to someone?

The question you just asked in Discord was answered.

TwitchSupport is inundated with general site queries, so it’s very likely the right people won’t see it.

Support Tickets, generally, take 3-5 working days depending on how busy the ticketing system is.

8 days for your current Bump, takes us to the 5 day working day range, so we are at the upper end. There is nothing this forum can do to help you other than send you to the support ticketing system to raise a ticket as the documentation states to do.

Thanks Barry, I appreciate the help (seriously). Technically yes, I got a response in Discord, but it was a guess. I’ll just wait for the official support ticket.

I suppose at this point I have blown way past the upper end of the working day range for a response. Thanks for your help, I’m just at their mercy at this point. If anyone stumbles upon this thread in the future with a similar issue, godspeed.

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