USERNOTICE type subgift gone?

Is the USERNOTICE type subgift removed as I was just reading over the docs for the new changes with rooms and I notice the subgift type and all params with it was removed completely, and no reference made in the rest of the docs about it.

I personally use this at the moment with a script that tracks total subscribed months and total gifted subs, with respective tiers, to create top lists from them for the Streamlabs Chatbot Python script where I have easy access to the raw IRC messages send by Twitch.

Just want to be sure if it is been removed, which would be weird, or just forgotten to add in the docs again :thinking:

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My bot is still picking up USERNOTICE for gifts in the main channel chatroom :thinking: Maybe the new rooms don’t receive USERNOTICE messages?

USERNOTICE is not one of the documented commands that is supported for chat rooms, so I would say that is a safe assumption. Another observation is that since you cannot cheer in a chat room, it seems like anything relating to monetization is not allowed/sent to chat rooms.

USERNOTICE is documented, but it does seem like subgift is one of the missing values in the documentation. I do believe they are exclusive to the main chat tho.

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Ye, I am using the main chat to extract this information real-time but I was just wondering why it would’ve been removed if so, or if they forgot to document this on some other place as I couldn’t find any reference anymore to it.

Hey folks! We’re investigating with the team and will follow up.

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Turns out we have some doc updates to make here and we’re working to get them in the next push. Thanks for pointing it out.

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