Using Twitch API for authentification inside a Chrome app

I’m trying to do something but i don’t really know if that’s possible:

I have website where users can only login using their Twitch account via the Twitch API. When they’re doing it the first time, it creates their account and when they do it again, it logs them. And when they’re logged in, a session variable in PHP is set so i can check on every page if the user is logged in or not.

The thing is i want to have a chrome app that can get informations about the authentified user and displays them on it (it has to be a separated window).

But i’m facing the following issue: i cannot use twitch api on my chrome app because it needs a redirect uri which i can’t provide because, well, it’s a chrome app. (and i don’t really know much about them, i tried webviews and iframes but no success)

I hope i am comprehensible… Thank you for your answers !

Chrome apps can have urls (for example, chrome-extension://omjghcmcgmlbelimhhcocpogolifaild/injected.js), and the Twitch API supports passing the oauth token directly to the page via the url hash. That should let you do what you need.

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