Verify Token for 2FA manually


I’m stuck with trying to login to my account, cause twitch asks me for 2FA token, but I’ve never enabled 2FA.

I’m an affiliate, and when I filled documents, I put my landline phone number there, everything was fine until 1-2weeks ago, when I’m trying to go to my dashboard, twitch asks me to login, after entering username and password now I see verify token from 2FA screen.

What I’m asking right now, is maybe anyone know how can I using api/requests data (client_id and other data) to get the verification code

Let’s start from login in requests:

Twitch website does 3 requests in a row, after I enter username/password:


and then this one:

  1. Twitch

Now I see 2FA screen, that asks me to enter verification token, without option to skip it:


If I press “Request SMS”:


If I decode this “code” base64 encoded data, we can see:


I have also installed Authy in Chrome, and verified my landline phone there, but obviously I can’t activate it, because I locked on twitch and can’t enable 2FA and link it with Authy.

There is also python lib for authy GitHub - twilio/authy-python: Authy API Client for Python

As you can see, we have got some client_id and authy_id and other data.

So maybe someone can point me into direction of how can I solve my problem. Because right now I’m stuck, and twitch support is not responding.


Affiliates are required to have 2FA. Before starting the onboarding you must have set up 2FA. There is nothing anyone here can do for you as it is a support issue. You’ll have to wait for them to get back to you.

Thanks for replying, they’ve never forced me to enable 2FA when I filled tax documents, and I’ve never enabled it by myself. They enabled it, and I don’t even know on which phone number FailFish.

Fixed my issue with Authy support, they said me what phone number twitch used to enable 2FA, which I never told them. After that, I re-installed Authy app in Chrome and register with that phone number.