Visual Studio Redirect_uri


i create an application on Visual Studio (in js and html) and i want to get the Authorization token but my redirect_uri
don’t work.


Did the Redirect URI you set in Twitch Client API settings directly match the one you are sending?

What is the URL you are sending users to?

What is the response you are getting?

my redirect URI is the same

the code of the url send :
method: “GET”,
url: “”,
data: ‘’,
dataType: “json”,
headers: {
‘Client-ID’: ‘myid’,
‘redirect_uri’: ‘http://localhost/login’,
‘response_type’: ‘token id_token’,
“scope”: “viewing_activity_read”
my uri does not match

That might be the issue, try changing it to

Also, just to check, are you a game developers? because the scope you’re requesting is for using Drops, which is for games developers.

Ok, thank you ^^

No, i forgot to modify it thank you ^^

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