Vod preview image link, Cross-Origin Request Blocked

Hello, for a couple of days ago the “vod preview image url” got changed and got blocked because “Cross-Origin Request Blocked”. I’m wondering if this will change or if it will stay blocked?

Are you getting it from https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/v5/reference/videos#get-video api call? If so, that probably is a bug, you may want to raise an issue on https://github.com/twitchdev/issues/issues

Oh, i missed that endpoint so I stitched the url together myself.
When using that endpoint it works, Thanks!

Both the urls (stitched myself, and from api) are the same, do you know why it worked once I used the one from the API?
Beginner explanation, does it add me to the “cors header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’” after I used the API endpoint?

it shouldn’t if its the same, but if you are building the string, maybe there are non-visible characters being injected? or its not being encoded right? Its hard to tell.

Hm oke, Thanks for the help!

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