Want some Bit Revenue data and Viewer data

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I want some Bit revenue data, viewers and unique viewers from twitch, Do I get it from twitch.

If you are a developer of an extension. You can use this endpoint for bits usage in the extension:

Otherwise no, there are no historical API’s of use. You can collect some data in real time from chat/the API and store it yourself.

There is some information in the dashboard, but it’s not API’able

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Do I need a paid account for accessing api’s


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One more thing i have to ask that, I have created the twitch account and get the ClientId, How would I get the Auth token, When I am using this

    ?client_id=<your client ID>
    &redirect_uri=<your registered redirect URI>
    &scope=<space-separated list of scopes>
Getting 400

Could you please help me with this

Twitch uses standard oAuth.

For a user token the steps are, normally

  1. Construct the authorize URL
  2. Redirect user offsite to that URL
  3. user accepts/declines your apps access to their account
  4. user is returned to your website
  5. if the user accepted the link you extract the code from the URL
  6. exchange the code for an access/refresh token(s) and store those tokens for use

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So, If I want the bits data and Viewers data, And if I have the Twitch account Client Id, Then I will be able to create Token with the same, and with that Auth token I will be able to access these api’s


Or is there anything else required to access this data.

As long as the Token is for the correct type and with the relevant scopes and with correct permissions from the casters you wish to collect.

You’ll need an Access Token from the channel/users that you intend to collect, you can’t get my leaderboard, without permission/an access key from me

Again, the extensions/transactions endpoint is JUST FOR YOUR OWN EXTENSIONS THAT YOU ARE A DEVELOPER OF, given this thread I don’t think you’ve built and released an extension that is using bits yet. I included it for completeness

I am getting this data
“data”: [],
“date_range”: {
“started_at”: “”,
“ended_at”: “”
“total”: 0

When I hit the end point: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/bits/leaderboard

How could I got the Bit data.

That would suggest for the channel that you fetched information for, there has been no bits usage.



Gives you the top 100 leaderboard entries for all time on the authenticated channel, but it doesn’t support pagination, so you can’t get the next page. If you specify only


This means


as the documentation states

Is the best method to collect bits usage really.

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