Website embed stops showing hosts after logging into Twitch

Running into an issue where if I’m not logged into twitch, I can see Hosted streams on my website embed, but the moment I open another tab and log into twitch, if I refresh my website, it no longer shows hosted streams.

The embed guide I followed was this:


  1. Ensure you’re logged out of Twitch
  2. Open one tab with the website the embed is on (in my case,
  3. Observe that you CAN see hosted streams on the embed
  4. Open another tab with
  5. Log into your account on
  6. Go back to your website with the embed and refresh the page
  7. Observe you no longer see hosted streams on the embed


  • When you clear your browser cookies, it’ll play hosted streams just fine, until you log into Twitch again.
  • Logging out of Twitch and refreshing the website with the embed on it also makes hosted streams appear again.

I’ve had this tested on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. I’ve also tested this with all adblockers turned on and off. I can’t seem to figure what’s causing it. :frowning:

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