Websocket subscription authorization issue

Ive made some python code to connect to twitch subscriptions via the websocket api but I keep getting the same response no matter what I try???

{'error': 'Forbidden', 'status': 403, 'message': 'subscription missing proper authorization'}

while trying to subscribe to the channel.follow event type.

I’ve checked the scope of the token used, and i don’t know if I’m missing some scopes but here is the list of the scopes I’m using:
Token scopes: [‘channel:read:subscriptions’, ‘chat:read’, ‘moderator:read:chatters’, ‘user:read:email’]

Here is the full python code i’m using for this:

async def listen_to_websocket():
    url = "wss://eventsub.wss.twitch.tv/ws"
    async with websockets.connect(url) as websocket:
        response = await websocket.recv()
        welcome_message = json.loads(response)
        session_id = welcome_message['payload']['session']['id']
        print(f"Connected with session ID: {session_id}")

        headers = {
            'Client-ID': config.CLIENT_ID,
            'Authorization': f'Bearer {config.ACCESS_TOKEN}',
            'Content-Type': 'application/json'

        follow_subscription = {
            'type': 'channel.follow',
            'version': '2',
            'condition': {
                'broadcaster_user_id': config.USER_ID,
                'moderator_user_id': config.USER_ID
            'transport': {
                'method': 'websocket',
                'session_id': session_id

        subscribe_url = 'https://api.twitch.tv/helix/eventsub/subscriptions'
        response = requests.post(subscribe_url, headers=headers, json=follow_subscription)
        print("Subscribed to follow event:", response.json())

        while True:
            message = await websocket.recv()
            data = json.loads(message)
            if data['metadata']['message_type'] == 'notification' and data['metadata']['subscription_type'] == 'channel.follow':
                username = data['payload']['event']['user_name']
                print(f"{username} just followed")

I have some issue troubleshooting it, i can’t find informations on the requiered scopes and I think it’s the issue, so if anybody has an idea…

Thank you in advance

The scopes for a topic are listed with the topic in the documentation

Listed here it is moderator:read:followers

Which you don’t have

Perfect !!!

Thank you so much I’ve been strugling for hours…

This solved the issue and i think i won’t have any other issues concerning the scope needed for the different subscription scopes needed since you explained it well enough.

Thanks again and have a good day sir !

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