What should I do for update new api?

My Old codes this:

string result;
using (HttpRequest httpRequest = new HttpRequest())
httpRequest.UserAgent = Http.RandomUserAgent();
httpRequest.Referer = “Twitch;
httpRequest.IgnoreProtocolErrors = true;
httpRequest.Reconnect = false;
httpRequest.Authorization = “OAuth " + token;
httpRequest.AddHeader(“Pragma”, “no-cache”);
httpRequest.AddHeader(“Origin”, “https://twitch.tv”);
httpRequest.AddHeader(“Client-Id”, “xxxxxxxxxxxxx”);
bool flag = this.follow;
string str;
if (flag)
str = “[{“operationName”:“name_FollowUser”,“variables”:{“input”:{“disableNotifications”:false,“targetID”:”” + this.followChannelId + “”}},“extensions”:{“persistedQuery”:{“version”:1,“sha256Hash”:“51956xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd4b62096a1ac03be9e6”}}}]“;
str = “[{“operationName”:“name_UnfollowUser”,“variables”:{“input”:{“targetID”:”” + this.followChannelId + “”}},“extensions”:{“persistedQuery”:{“version”:1,“sha256Hash”:“d7fbdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxea1c52bb632d41”}}}]";
result = httpRequest.Post(“https://gql.twitch.tv/gql”, str, “text/plain;charset=UTF-8”).ToString();
catch (Exception)
result = “request error”;
return result;

What is the new api codes? Somebody help me please. Best,

You are calling GQL.

GQL is not a supported API endpoint

You seem to be trying to follow or unfollow a user

Covers the Helix/supported API calls

Hey Barry.
I hope you be good.
What should I do for work my codes Barry?
Thanks for supporting me. I will waiting your reply

I have already provided the reference documentation for the follow and unfollow endpoints. Not sure what you want

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