What the point of "first" in GetStreams?

first integer Maximum number of objects to return. Maximum: 100. Default: 20.

Cool, so if I pass 100 I should get collection of first 100 strea–
Oops, it still returns only 8 and I need to paginate 3 (THREE) times to get info on 9 streams for a game_id, jesus.

Is it outdated or broken?

Whats the cURL request or end point you are polling?

This issue sounds similar to the issue on the streams for activated extensions end point (where we have to paginate until a cursor is not longer returned)

GET https://api.twitch.tv/helix/streams with “game_id” and “first”.

it always returns 8 elements/objects regardless of first

Can you show us your code, and what game_id you’re looking up? I just did a quick test with a few different games and all of them return 100, or 20, or whatever I set the first param to each time, for every page (except the last).

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