What's the best way to deal with hosts since it has no timestamp? Also follower notifications are delayed

So I know how to get a list of hosts of a channel, but there’s no timestamp, so is the only way to store hosts in memory, and then compare it against hosts returned by the API?

I know you can also monitor the chat for the host message, but then I’d need to log into the streaming account which I don’t want to do.

And then for followers, it seems like the followers API takes several minutes to update. Is this because I’m testing on an offlien stream? Are the cache times different? I’m curious as to how other bots always know I have followed someone instantly.


IIRC the followers API is cached for 5 minutes and no, no-one has “a way around it”. Sometimes you just get lucky.

How sure are you about this, because any time I folllowed someone with a bot or twitch alerts it’s always come through within 20-30 seconds (so pretty much instantly with twitch delay)

I’ve never followed someone and then had the twitch alerts pop up several minutes later.

@3ventic is correct. All of our APIs are heavily cached between 1-5 minutes. Sometimes the load balancer smiles upon you, and you get a recently updated cache. :slight_smile:

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