Whenever I type something in mIRC i get disconnected

Title explains it well enough? I can listen and see everything, but as soon as I type anything, ‘disconnect’

Any suggestions?

You probably got a shadow ban(An 8 hours ban from the servers) for spamming to much.

A shadow ban is a ban that tries to hide you are banned.

Twitch just straight bans.

Try using twitch chat in a browser. If you get a reconnection when you try to chat. It would appear you have received a global 8 hour ban.

Basically if you try to chat and get a insta disconnect. That is normally indicative of a 8 hour global. Which you get for spamming chat to quickly with chat and/or command spam like /mods

Just to clarify, Twitch calls these “chat lockouts.” They occur when you break the rate limits for messages per second.

This would mean you sent 20 messages (or commands) within 30 seconds or 100 messages (or commands) within 30 seconds if you’re a mod of the channel. It is important to note that if you pass 20 messages (or commands) within 30 seconds as a mod and then chat in a channel where you are not mod on the same connection, you will be locked out of chat.

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