Every time i try to post a message, it disconnects the chat room for 2 seconds

plz help i need help

Can you provide more details?

Does the stream video work fine?
Is the problem in every stream?
Are you using BTTV?
What Web Browser?
Anything else you think might help?

  1. the stream video works fine
  2. yes
  3. no
  4. internet explorer
  5. idk

Refer to these rate limits.
Note that the duration was recently reduced from 8 hours to 2.

You might global banned from the Twitch chat for spamming?
Try the following:
Reboot your router/pc.
Clear cookies/cache.
Try another browser.
Try to use the chat on android/iphone etc and see if it works?

i was spamming blank messages on a chat and was using the twitch platform

Yes, you exceeded the message rate limit and have been globally locked out of chat as a result. I strongly recommend adjusting your chat behaviour.

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You shouldn’t spam in any chat at all times. If you spam in the chat the Twitch servers have a limit set on them and they will lock you out for 8/2 hours.

Twitch do this to keep spam bots away from Twitch and keep everything running smoothly for the stream.