Where do I start? PubSub, Extension, Bot?

I am building an interactive video project. Currently it allows people to tweet commands at it and the video and audio will respond to commands. I want to see how Twitch can enhance this experience but I dont know which technology to focus on.

I would like the idea of allowing people in chat to type commands and to be able to count the amount of people doing so. That might be a chatbot. Does that send a JSON that i could access over an http?

Is there a different way i could achieve my goal?

Thanks in advance.

Chat is an implementation of IRC over IRC or WS, not JSON payloads over HTTP.

How to start

Starting with Twitch beings with the docs

And you need a ClientID

To do anything you need to be able to tell Twitch who you are and/or which user you are on behalf making requests for, thats authentication, which for Twitch is oAuth

If you then want to go ChatBot. it’s “basically” IRCv3 which is documented here:

If you wanted to go Extensions then, what you describe is similar to the Color Changing Hello World Example. Extensions are documented here.

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